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Space Gaming News: White Star, Black Swan Nebula, Intro to RPG Design, and Car Wars Arenas

Over on Google+, Benoist Poiré explains what White Star offers  that X-Plorers, Stars Without Number, and/or Hulks & Horrors don’t already:

“Nothing, and everything. Because a game like Stars Without Number is built using a ton of default assumptions and game generators and whatnot, if you get on board with the default it’s great, if you get away from it, or just don’t like all the rules involved, not so great. Hulks & Horrors is fine and good, but it doesn’t do the mash-up of popular sci-fi and fantasy the way White Star does. Basically with White Star you get something lighter than SWN that you can complement with SWN generators if you want to, AND something that can be used straight for replicating Star Wars, Firefly, and Guardians of the Galaxy on the fly with OD&D rules. It doesn’t sound like much, and it doesn’t look like much I guess when you look at the book and expect some modern full color bullcrap to take your eye away from the fact the game might not be so great in the first place, but it works. That’s why you should get it.”

Thank you, sir. That is exactly what we’ve been wanting to know!

Over at Greyhawk Grognard, the imitable Joseph Bloch details a supplement he’s working on for the game: “Deep in the heart of the Black Swan Nebula, mostly cut off from the rest of the civilized galaxy, lies the Cygnus Sector. Underpopulated, rich in resources, and wracked by conflict and religious strife, it is a magnet for the dregs of the Far Rim. Mercenaries looking for work, fanatics looking for converts, prospectors looking for the Big Strike, and colonists looking for a new home.”

Lewis Pulsipher has a new game design class out: An Introduction to Role-playing Game Design. While I have not looked at this particular set of videos, his previous ones are basically like a really good game blog that ends up giving a book-worthy treatment of the topic. They are well worth the time. Check it out!

The Classic Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter closed a few weeks ago, raking in a total of $100,433 pledges. All of those maps that you used to spend hours copying out from tomes like L’Outrance and The Arena Book out by hand…? Duelists everywhere will now be furnished with fourteen AADA sanctioned versions that are playable right out of the box!

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