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The Magic Jar

“And as you enter the clearing, you notice off in the distance the white stag.” Doug had a bit of a smirk as he said it. “It’s fleeing through the scrub and underbrush and making quite a racket. You can still see it through the trees, though; what do you do?!”

Carlye facepalmed. “Ah no! Not that lame stag again…!”

Dwayne was nonplussed. “Eh, so we’re near the GM’s next plot point. What’s the big deal?”

Mike stopped messing with his dice for a moment. “Well I think I’ve had it with this thing.”

Rob returned from the kitchen just then with a couple of beers. “What are we arguing about now?”

Mike answered, “I was just about to take care of this asinine white stag once and for all.”

“Sounds good to me,” Rob answered.

Dwayne got a little testy at this point. “You should leave it alone. It’s not going to hurt us. So what if the GM wants to clue us in that we’re on the right track. Let’s just play the game!”

“This is playing the game!” Mike shot back. He turned to the game master. “What’s the range to that thing?”

Doug pretended to roll some dice behind the screen. “Oh, about forty feet right now.”

“Good,” Mike said. “I cast Magic Missile on it.”

Dwayne was shouting now. “No! You don’t have to kill it. That’s stupid!”

Carlye turned to the cell phone that was propped up just so that the camera could take in the lion’s share of the battle map. “What do you say, Arlene…?”

An impassive voice with a vaguely Swedish accent came from the device. “No arguments… go!”

Doug addressed Mike directly, speaking over the continuing onslaught of banter and heckling. “Now look, Mike. Your character knows that this an offense to the gods. Bad stuff can happen if you kill it. Are you sure you want to do this…?”

“I cast the spell,” he said as he rolled the die. The result was a six.

“Okay… well… it looks like it’s dead,” Doug declared.

“Great,” said Mike. “I go up to it and slit its throat just to be sure.”

Dwayne folded his arms and looked over his glasses. “Don’t you think that’s a bit much…?”

“Well hey you never know,” Mike answered. “Anybody want some venison?”


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