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On the Table: The Hunters

I love this game.

Getting it out on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I have no doubt it is the ultimate in relaxation.

Yes, it’s a solitaire game. Yes, they managed to fit Das Boot into a tabletop game session format. And yeah, this is like the greatest Traveller character generator of all time. Cut it, and it bleeds flavor and historical detail.

Here I am conducting a nighttime surface attack against a convoy:

And here I am taking a beating from the escort:

If I make it back to the Bay of Biscay, my crew will improve this time. But the nature of submarine warfare will change as time progresses– and not in the Germans’ favor– so I won’t want my Type VIIB to stay in refit any longer than it has to.

This game is a masterpiece.

I’d play it just to see my Kapitänleutnant’s career unfold, but there are plenty of tough decisions to make: what range should I fire the torpedoes? Which ships should I target? Should I exceed test depth when the escort comes for me? I don’t know what the best answer is to each of these. But every encounter feels like something that really could have happened.

It’s awesome.


2 responses to “On the Table: The Hunters

  1. Chris Mata December 3, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I gotta try this one. I hadn’t realized Hunters was only one subs operations.

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