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An SJW’s Response to My Leigh Brackett Coverage

The news media’s handling of Leigh Brackett’s centennial is so outrageous, I’m telling you… people from all over the political spectrum are angry about it. But some people are more angry that I’m blowing the whistle on this than what these loser journalists have done.

Seriously, get a load of this guy:

SJW: I’ve just recently discovered your blog and find so much I enjoy here that I am a bit sad I hadn’t stumbled across it a long time ago.

Awesome! Man, I  love it when people dig my stuff. I love it even more when people genuinely dig my stuff.

SJW: I’m also with you 100% on the foolish misrepresentation of Brackett’s ~Empire~ role and her SF writing career generally (and the terrible timing of all of this) but, dude, it’s time you gave this a bit of rest.

Great. You’re 100% with me and you’re sad that you have missed out on reading me over the years. In fact, you’re so crazy over my writing, now you’re going to tell me to stop. Wait, what…?

SJW: It’s becoming clear your main beef here isn’t so much about any disrespectin’ of Brackett as it is about your distaste for what you’ve labelled “The Narrative.”

Hold on, there. My coverage of this topic was supposedly freaking awesome… right up until yesterday’s post where I speculated on what it might be that’s so important that people will routinely distort facts about Leigh Brackett in order to create completely false impressions. Now you’re talking like one post could rub you the wrong way and retroactively disqualify my previously iron clad reporting on this. That doesn’t make any sense! If my coverage was so awesome the day before yesterday, it was still awesome yesterday. One post that’s off the mark can’t change that.

SJW: You’re certainly welcome to rant about that but you’re not doing Brackett any honour by using her career and experience as your weapon of choice, again, particularly not at this particular point in time.

People are lying about her. And holy shit, man… I used her actual career and experience to set the record straight on this. What the hell else would I use? And my timing is in bad taste? Dude, I’m not the one that set up a coordinated media campaign to diminish Leigh Brackett’s script writing talents on her freakin’ centennial. Are you’re telling me that I would have shown more honor to Leigh Brackett’s memory by remaining silent in the face of this outrage? Really…?!

SJW: As you’ve made clear this isn’t the first time she’s been subjected to this sort of thing and I want to ask you here, seriously, “What would Leigh do?”

What would Leigh do? Dude, I’m a fan of her work… but I don’t worship the lady. She’s not the Space Jesus. Honestly, I don’t care what Leigh would do. I care what Jeffro would do– you know, the one person that I’m actually responsible for. And let me tell you, Jeffro would be mad as hell if someone tried to erase Leigh Brackett from history so that George Lucas could take the credit for the best Star Wars movie ever made and so that the Star Wars franchise can “finally” have a woman script writer. That makes Jeffro’s blood boil.

I kind of thought this was weird, though. I mean… why is this guy coming after me when IO9, New Republic, and a dozen movie blogs are getting Leigh Brackett wrong. I can only assume he supports what these sites are doing and would like to quiet me down so that they can get away with it. I told him so and this was his response:

SJWDude: Wow. Well, no, that’s not why I want you to stop but, thank goodness, at least for myself, you’ve given me a handy little tool to make you stop, at least as far as I am concerned. I’m a bit sad about that too but, as you’re aware I’m sure, actions have consequences (though not always the ones we intend). Goodbye and enjoy your echo chamber.

Yeah, right. Like I’m so awesome, so insightful, so brilliant… this guy is really sad that he has block me, unfriend me, and/or unsubscribe to my blog. This guy really knows how to get me where it hurts! Ah, I feel like I’ve been dumped here…. I’m having flashbacks to my sophomore year in high school…!

But hey. The truth matters more to me than getting in with the cool crowd. This is just a sacrifice I’m going to have to make here if I’m going to live with myself. That’s right… I’d rather give up the patronage, acceptance, and attention of one lying SJW than let these incompetent narrative pushing nitwits get away with their scheme of conflating Leigh Brackett’s script writing to Carrie Fisher’s uncredited “polishing” of The Phantom Menace.

This is really difficult for me, because you know… I really want people to like me and all. And it just plain hurts me that I’ve made this guy sad. But hey, just like he said… “actions have consequences.” And those consequences won’t happen by themselves. No, SJW’s that can’t help themselves just spontaneously do unspecified things to people that are a threat to the narrative. It happens all the time. But I get the feeling that they know they’re doing something wrong and they hate themselves for what they do. Maybe it’s best to leave this alone so they don’t get stirred up and then do something they’ll feel bad about.

I have to wonder, though… what would Jeffro do?

17 responses to “An SJW’s Response to My Leigh Brackett Coverage

  1. jimmylogan0916 December 12, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Don’t let haters get you down. I can respectfully disagree with something or someone and still be friends. If someone doesn’t follow you because of your views then there’s nothing you can do. Just be true to yourself.

  2. Trimegistus December 12, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I’m curious: had your interlocutor ever commented on your blog before? Or did he show up, scold you, and flounce away in a huff all in one afternoon?

  3. BobtheCertifiedIdiot December 12, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Gamers insensitive to plight of victims of the Roman Games. #BocheLivesMatter

  4. Louis J. Desy Jr. December 12, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    I am completely confused.

    I have read your postings and some of the others, and I can’t understand what the others are talking about or seem to be upset about, so I would like to ask a few questions, if no one minds.

    As I understand it, Leigh Brackett was a woman science fiction writer, and wrote a number of notable pieces of science fiction in the 1950s and continued writing for decades, correct?

    One of the projects she had a chance to work on was the script for Star Wars, correct?

    Her script was not used and a new script was written, correct?

    Assuming I am correct on the three points, even though her script was not used, I still think it was an important contribution to the final script, since whoever wrote the final script probably read her version, and then wrote the final version. Without her script I do not think you get the end product that was the final script, even though it was completely redone. (I sort of view this as a computer program where most products are not that good until you get to version three of the program. Without versions one and two, you do not see what works and what doesn’t, in order to get to version three. As an example, the original Windows 1.0 ran on floppy disks. I did not even know it had been sold for years since no one bought it. It was not until Windows 3.0 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 that Microsoft Windows started to ‘take off’.).

    I think my confusion is that the SJWs seem to be of the viewpoint that Brackett is being unfairly presented and want to elevate or contribution to a higher level than what it was, while I think that the fact that her draft probably had an important influence on the final script and was an accomplishment, even though it was not the one used. Is this correct since I think this is where my confusion is coming from.

    Louis J. Desy Jr.

    • jeffro December 12, 2015 at 10:26 pm

      Old Narrative: Leigh Brackett wrote Empire Strikes Back! You go girl! Take that haters!

      New Narrative: Star Wars is so hostile to women, they threw out Leigh Bracket’s script shortly before she died. Hardly anything from it survived into the film.

      There’s also the much older “cult of Lucas” narrative, which the New Narrative is tapping into for support. It was pretty well debunked in 2010 when Brackett’s script became widely available.

      Normally you could count on feminists to highlight the accomplishments of women in various fields especially when they’d been overlooked. But in the case of the new narrative, you have the opposite occurring in order to manufacture a “boys club” that then needs to be supposedly broken up. The pattern in the nine news stories that ran within a week of each other after the fashion of the “Gamers Are Dead” articles is to diminish Brackett so that some other woman could be brought in to be the “first” “woman” script writer for Star Wars. That sounds really good if you go in for that sort of thing, but doing this on Brackett’s centennial was just plain tacky.

      How SJW’s fit into this depends on them. Unless you think journalists are mostly SJW’s to begin with. But at some point that becomes a separate topic….

  5. Louis J. Desy Jr. December 12, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    I checked, and according Wiki Leigh Bracket was a cowriter for The Empire Strikes Back. My confusion is that the SJWs seemed to act like that was bad, which I do not understand and would explain why I am consfused.

    Are the SJWs trying to say that all of Leigh Bracket’s contributions were thrown out in order to push their agenda that men threw it out because she was a woman?

    • jeffro December 13, 2015 at 7:30 am

      It’s convenient at the moment for people in the narrative control business to pretend like Leigh Brackett doesn’t really exist. Whatever the next thing in the narrative is, they’ll surely figure out some other way to distort her legacy in order to serve it.

  6. jlv61560 December 13, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Concern trolling: it never goes out of style! Wasn’t that one of the steps in the Internet Arguing checklist?

  7. MishaBurnett December 13, 2015 at 9:10 am

    The doublethink involved in exchanges like this always amazes me.

    He tells you that what you are saying is true, but you should stop saying it because it makes the official sources look bad, then gets upset when you ask him if the reason that you want him to stop saying it is that it will make the official sources look bad.

    This is the same reasoning behind monolithic support of hoax hate crimes–even those that are obviously hoaxes–because it helps to “raise consciousness”.

    Then there is the victim-blaming, attacker-excusing “actions have consequences” line. If someone publishes your personal information on-line and someone else bombs your house, it’s your fault, because “actions have consequences”.

    And the dig at the end–“I’m going to block you because you’re not agreeing with the party line–but you’re the one in the ‘echo chamber'”.

    • jeffro December 13, 2015 at 9:13 am

      I think anyone putting themselves out in front of people is going to encounter people like this. Novices especially are liable to fall for the emotional manipulation. That’s why I went ahead and fisked this guy. He’s a great bad example.

  8. Louis J. Desy Jr. December 13, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Following up on my confusion

    Since Leigh Brackett was one of the writers for The Empire Strikes Back, I would expect that SJW would use that as an example of how women can write good science fiction, right?

    Or is the problem that if the SJWs acknowledge that Leigh Brackett, a woman, was given proper credit for The Empire Strikes Back, that it destroys the narrative the women have been excluded from science fiction? Is this why SJWs are now trying to run with a ‘story line’ that Leigh Brackett, a woman, was not given credit for her work with the Star Wars, in order to push the story line that women writers were excluded from science fiction, even though that is not true?

    If that is correct, then SJW want to push a incorrect history of Leigh Brackett because then it would call into question their view that women are not noted in the past for science fiction work because they were women, when the more probably reason is that a lot of writing was bad writing.

    I do notice that good writers usually do not look around for reasons as to why their work is not being published (someone hates them, they are on a ‘black list’, they are being excluded for being part of a category, or any one of the other multiple reasons as to why they are a victim, instead of the fact their work is awful) and instead simply write more until their work is good enough to get published.

    • jeffro December 13, 2015 at 10:25 am

      That’s what this is all about. Creating groups of “evil white men” that are keeping women out of sf at all cost. They will rewrite history to make their demands sound more reasonable than they really are. But the people that pay the price? Brilliant writers especially from the pulp era that have been revered for decades and that happen to have been female. They are inconvenient to the narrative in every way.

  9. Cirsova December 13, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Dudes who are accused of being part of the ‘manosphere’ trying to raise awareness of and set the record straight on ladies of significant importance is damaging to the narrative.

    On a related not, I read Lorelei of the Red Mists over the weekend. OMFG!

  10. Louis J. Desy Jr. December 14, 2015 at 8:49 am

    I think I have a better understanding now

    At first, I thought that Leigh Brackett’s contributions had been ignored or discarded because she is a woman and that is what the SJW crowd was crying about, but this does not appear to be true since she is credited as being one of the writer’s for The Empire Strikes Back, and her draft for Star Wars probably was needed as a step in getting to the final script.

    What I did not understand is that with the new Star Wars movie coming out, there appears to be a lot of criticism that people were put into their jobs not because of merit but because they are women and I read at one web site an interview that basically said ‘we hired women because they are women’.

    Now it makes sense why SJWs would try to revise the history of the Star Wars movie line, because they can’t put out the story line that ‘women were excluded because they were women’ if one of the major writers was Leigh Brackett, and she was given proper credit for her work. If they don’t revise that part of the history, then the question of ‘why aren’t there more women involved in the Star Wars movies’ could be answered ‘because no women with the proper credentials or qualifications, based on merit, wanted to work on it or were available.’

    I also suspect that the current group of women working on the new Star Wars movie got their jobs because they ran around crying that women were being excluded from working on the Star Wars line because they were women, and not the true reason because they were not qualified,based on merit, to be working on a project if this magnitude.

    Two of my friends want to see the new movie opening day, Friday, Dec 18, 2015; and I fear the movie has a high probability of being a disaster if this is how people were selected to work on it.

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