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Christmas Came Early This Year

Long time follower of this blog Chris Mata sent me a care package a few weeks ago containing massive amounts of Federation Commander ship cards, oodles of FASA Trek booklets, piles of dice, and a set of classic TSR Monster cards. My son about had a heart attack. We’ve been blowing up space ships and creating new worlds and new civilizations ever since.

Chris’s previous shipments included a pile of Steve Jackson Games microgames in their original black plastic pocket boxes, a massive set of AD&D hardbacks, and a rare copy of first Edition Gamma World. The latter was key to me uncovering something about the literary antecedents of the game and what sorts of decisions were made in the development process. These boxes of awesome don’t just save me from having to buy games all that often– they help me bring people stories and discoveries about gaming that no one else is talking about.

So thanks, Chris. Very few bloggers get space gaming packages that even come close to this. This is epic.

Everyone else: Merry Christmas… and good gaming!


2 responses to “Christmas Came Early This Year

  1. Mr.A is Mr.A December 19, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    FASA Star Trek was a fun mix of fast space combat and fairly good landing party roleplay rules. Neither the starship or individual combat systems were outstanding, but they had the Original D&D feel to them: the GM had plenty of room to move about in the framework and modify as needed, and players weren’t overly limited in their scope of play. Imagination was paramount, and the GM always had to be on his toes. Fun was had around the table.

    Now I have to go dig out my manuals and homebrew modules again …

    Merry Christmas, Jeffro!

  2. ashley858 June 3, 2016 at 8:01 am

    Happy memories of FASAs Star Trek the RPG and the voyages of the USS Space Beagle.

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