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This Week at Castalia House: Edmond Hamilton, H. P. Lovecraft, Bruce Sterling, H. L. Gold, and More!

Here’s a round up of our first week of posts over at Castalia House with me at the helm as Blog Editor:

The big news this week is that Cirsova is now contributing not just to Wargame Wednesday, but has also brought his Short Reviews series over as well. I think it’s awesome, but then… I already declared his him to be the top game blogger of 2015, so you can guess how happy I am to have him on board.

It’s our goal at Castalia House to become the best and most popular science fiction, fantasy and gaming blog on the internet. To that end, we are looking to expand the ranks of our columnists! Contact me at autoduelist AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested.

Oh, and given that I’m the new sheriff over yonder, here’s a clip from El Dorado for you!


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