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Somebody Did Something

Brad Torgersen writes over at John C. Wright’s blog:

All the reader mail I have received over the past six years, tells me that there is a very, very large body of badly-neglected fans, who have all but given up on Science Fiction, because the field has drifted too far away from the Campbellian ideal. These are readers who are tired of their fiction merely serving as a vehicle for the usual deconstructionist, identitarian, Cultural Marxist hectoring. It doesn’t take a herculean effort to rally these readers. They just need to be aware that somebody is doing something.

But this is bigger than Campbellian ideal– modern genre writing has drifted away from heroic fantasy, planetary romance, and the whole gamut of weird fiction in general. If you’ve ever wondered how things got this way and why somebody didn’t do something about it, then don’t fret. Because somebody went and did something.

It’s called Cirsova. Check it out. Back it today. And tell your friends!

“Wind is changing!” — Ghan-buri-ghan


One response to “Somebody Did Something

  1. Matt January 18, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    I don’t back Kickstarters but let us know when it is published and I may buy a copy.

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