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This Week at Castalia House: Dark Conspiracy, Tanith Lee, A. Merritt, and Torchship!

This was a very big week over at the Castalia House blog.

With Douglas Cole graciously joining Cirsova (aka Alex) on the line up… that means we have the Top Gaming Bloggers from both 2014 and 2015 now! But wait, there’s more! The crew over at SuperversiveSF are also holding down a weekly slot. (Give Josh a warm welcome, y’all– he did this week’s post for them!) And as if that’s not enough, Misha Burnett has started sending me guest posts covering what he calls “Appendix X”– awesome books that are outside of the mainstream for whatever reason. (And Misha, by the way, made the cut for Cirsova Magazine. Don’t miss his story in there!)

This is an absolutely tremendous team. I cannot believe how this has come together. So do hang around: this is going to be good!

Just watching how things go over, I was surprised that the new Sensor Sweep link roundup series went over well enough that somebody asked for more of that sort of thing. The Wargames posts continue to stir up discussion. But almost nobody wants to discuss A. Merritt. (But that’s the case on the entire internet, really.) The hot topic this week was Earthsea’s place in Appendix N. If you missed the comments on that one, you’ll want to check it out!


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