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This Week At Castalia House: Empathy-Free Criticism, Ships of the Line, Dahl’s Elevator, and the Greatest Living Prose Artist

Okay, yet another haul of blog posts for you here:

I’m glad to see more of a commentariat starting to pick up. Maybe it was always there, but my 2,000 word retrospectives just weren’t much in the way of conversation starters. (Broadbrush generalizations about trends in sixty years of sff…? That’s something else!) People want to talk about Sensor Sweep. I don’t know if I want to do another round of short fiction reviews or not, but that one stirred people up a bit. And Daniel’s “Ships of the Line” post drew a lot of comment, too.

GURPS Day was bigger than I expected. I think there’s 19 bloogers on that beat now. (I remember when game blogging was one GURPS guy, one Car Wars guy, and a bunch of TSR fanboys, but there you go.)

Finally… this exchange from last weekend might be of interest:

Blue SFF Reader: VD, any possibility for Castalia House re-publishing an Appendix N Omnibus or Series (at least for the titles available in public domain)?

VD: Sure, if Jeffro wants to curate and write the intros. I’m not going to do it, but we’d certainly publish that.

That sounds like a cool idea if you ask me…!


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