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Now on Ebay: A Complete Set of OGRE Designer’s Edition Kickstarter Exclusive Counter Sheets

Hey, y’all.

I just put my extra counter sheets for sale on Ebay.

Here’s my pitch:

If you missed getting these fantastic Kickstarter Exclusive Counter Sheets for Ogre’s Designer’s Edition, now’s your chance!

I set aside an extra set of these back when I kicked in… and now it can be yours! They are in absolutely perfect condition and have never been out of their sealed plastic bag even once. And let me tell you… they are AWESOME. I see other people that have the Retail edition of the game and you know what? There’s all these empty spots in their little plastic trays. Do you know what that does to the average boardgamer? It’s awful! There’s not just a gaping hole in their collection there…. There’s a hole in their life. And I see these people wandering around at conventions with a glazed look in their eyes and I just feel terrible for them.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something about this. I’m putting my Kickstarter Exclusive counters up for sale here because I have to deliver at least one gamer from this aching pain that never stops. (And I know it’s those empty Vulcan trays that really gnaw at them. I really can’t imagine owning this game and not having those pieces…!)

You don’t have to bear this burden any more. No, we can fix this. And the world will just be that much better of a place.

Here’s what you’ll get when you win this auction:

Sheet K1 “Targets Go Boom” — Green Ogres “Doom” and “Ducky” and “2932”, also Blue Command Post “Zeta” with 2 matching installations and 3 laser units.

Sheet L1 “Targets Go Boom” — 1 Destroyed Ogre, 1 Red Reactor, 1 Blue Reactor, 2 Blue Strongpoints, 1 Blue Mobile CP, 2 Blue Admins, 1 Green Turret, 1 Green Strongpoint, 1 Green Laser Tower, 1 Green CP.

Sheet P1 “Vulcans & Friends” — 1 Blue Doppelsoldner “NWO”, 1 Red Ogre Mark VI “Rex”, 1 Red Vulcan “Bob”, 1 Vulcan Drone, 1 White Command Post.

Sheet Q1 “Vulcans & Friends 1” — 1 Green Vulcan, 1 Flat Vulcan, 1 Green CP, 1` Green Laser Tower, 1 Green Laser Turret, 1 Purple CP, 2 White Heavy Weapons Teams, 3 White Engineers, 2 Black Heavy Weapons Teams, 3 Black Engineers, 7 Vulcan Drones.

Sheet M1 and M2, each with 2 Large six-hex sized overlays, 1 four-hex sized overlay, and 4 three-hex sized overlays. (Plus a few odds and ends.)

Here’s a photo:

And the Overlays:

Note: I also have a complete set of “Classic” style counters for this edition (ie 3 sheets) and a copy of the BGG sheet with the Ninja and the Godzilla units. But I didn’t think they would go for that much given that whole supply and demand thing. If there’s interest in those, I can list them as well!

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