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This Week at Castalia House: Hufflepuffs, Lovecraft, Retro Fandom, and En Garde!

The real breakout post was the Superversive take on the Hufflepuffs. Man, I never saw that coming! Meanwhile, Warren Abox brought in a great guest post that served as a major force multiplier for Wargame Wednesday.  GURPS-Day was turning out to be such a thing, I decided to get on board. The amount of posting that is going on with that is phenomenal, really.

We’ve got not only more reviews and retrospectives, but also Alex’s look at what fandom was like back in the day… and also something completely different: Daniel’s Space Oddity game. From the looks of it, Alex nailed it before anyone could bite their fingernails. So don’t read the comments on that one if you don’t want a spoiler!

Come on over to the blog, y’all. We’ve got plenty of fine reading material for you…!


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