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Lots of SFF Love to Go Around

Well, I don’t think it surprised anyone that I ended up on the Rabid Puppies Reading List™ this year. Seeing my name turn up in more than one category struck me as a little bit much, though. Not everyone felt the same way– here’s what John C. Wright had to say:

I second his recommendation of Andy Weir as best new writer, and Jeffro Johnson for Best Related Work.

Nice, right? That’s just cool. His commentariat goes even further, though.

Here’s Holmwood:

I am a lifelong fan of science fiction who had drifted away from the field, assuming that I had changed. Mr. Day’s work in the field has continued to revitalize my interest, as has Mr. Wright’s recently published work.

If I look at some of Mr. Day’s achievements in the last year or so:
– reviving Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s superb There Will be War series and publishing a new volume;
– creating Riding the Red Horse, an excellent debut for an anthology series
– publishing a speculative fiction novel by one of the finest strategic thinkers of our time
– establishing a superb SF group blog at CH that to me is better than
– discovering and promoting a series of excellent new writers
– helping incorporate a better understanding of gaming of all types into SF

And Astrosorcerer:

Andy Weir is a great choice for Best New Writer.
Appendix N and SJWs Always Lie are both excellent candidates for Best Related Work.
Erin Dies Alone and Gunnerkreig Court are both worthy for Best Graphic Story.
Abyss & Apex and Sci-Phi Journal are fantastic choices for Best Semi-Pro Magazine
Castalia House Blog and File 770 are excellent choices for Best Fanzine
Jeffro Johnson and David Freer are entertaining reads and choices for Best Fanwriter.

So much love!

I’m especially glad to see that I’m not the only person that thinks the Castalia House blog team is a superb group of writers. Way to go, guys!


4 responses to “Lots of SFF Love to Go Around

  1. John C Wright February 19, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Your Appendix N columns were particularly interesting to me, since, as a youth, I had read all those books back when they were new, and seeing them from the eyes of someone across a generation gap was fascinating to me. And you are right that there was something wild and woolly in early SF and in early D&D which has been smoothed away in the years since. An eye opening read all in all.

  2. Christopher R. DiNote February 21, 2016 at 10:20 am

    From the feedback your series received Jeffro, I learned that my reading habits apparently aren’t in tune with most of my generation it seems – I’m 38, and I’d read a decent chunk, not huge by any means, but sizable, of the Appendix N books. You’re right though, the generation gap in SFF reading habits is tremendous. I had the advantage of working in a public library as a high schooler and I think that gave me an advantage, not to mention my great aunt gave me a collection of the first six Barsoom books when I was about 8 or 9. I seem to remember though that it wasn’t D&D that pointed the direction to them, but references to Appendix N in some of Steve Jackson’s GURPS world books – I even have the Lensman one, that was after a friend had loaned me the anime film in high school, which pushed me to the library to find the originals, and I found the GURPS book in a very used bookstore. I’ll bust it out tonight and see if I’m remembering the Appendix N reference correctly or if it was in another GURPS book….

    • jeffro February 21, 2016 at 10:25 am

      Yeah, I read both Alan Dean Foster and David Brin because of GURPS sourcebooks. The bibliography to GURPS Time Travel is especially good, but the absence of C. L. Moore there absolutely floored me.

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