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You Don’t Get to Rewrite History

The drama continues on this one.

I did try to leave a comment over at Anna Kreider’s blog. She replaced it with a meme and then took to her Twitter account to rant a little.

I’ve already demonstrated that Jessica Price is at the very least being extremely disingenuous in how she’s playing this. But now she’s gone beyond insulting people that really do have a history of significant contributions for not recognizing “activists, critics, academics, and community managers” and on to an entirely different level.

She’s gone… er… well I’m not sure where she’s going with this:

*sigh* at white men claiming we (women, POC, etc.) are “invading” the games industry they created. We’ve been here the whole time, jackasses

Hell, we fucking BUILT it, and are still building it today. Even though it was built *on* us and *for* you. You don’t get to rewrite history

I really don’t think very many people would have begrudged Price or Kreider a place on the GenCon lineup. I think most people are super nice and would even have backed the idea of expanding the definition of “industry insider” to include “indie LARP designers” and so forth. (And who wouldn’t want to pay big bucks to go to a giant convention to hear Alex Roberts talk about sex?) The whole thing would have been justified as being an important move, a chance to hear about things from a fresh perspective, and a great victory for diversity and all that is good and holy.

But at this point I have to wonder… can someone this stupid really have anything to say about games, gaming, or the games industry? I mean I know SJW’s always project, but this is ridiculous.


2 responses to “You Don’t Get to Rewrite History

  1. zodak May 16, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    on the plus side, every man who reads her awful website will find your blog.

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