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Runeslinger on D&D Fantasy

Note that this is from 2013, well before I even started looking into the topic. (Via Brian Renninger)

“I was already pretty burned out on fantasy, especially from the point of view of D&D style fantasy which had never been the type of fantasy that I had wanted to emulate. Learning to play D&D has always been about what has become known as Appendix N. It’s a whole collection of ideas taken from great fantasy sources, some of which I liked, some of which I didn’t like. But at the time that I was playing Dungeons & Dragons I was interested in a different vein of fantasy. And I never really found that D&D did Elric style gaming very well and I didn’t encounter Stormbringer until much later. It really didn’t create a sense of The Lord of the Rings for me, it didn’t create a sense of Raymond E. Feist’s Magician series for me. None of the fantasies that really grabbed me could I really emulate with D&D.”

2 responses to “Runeslinger on D&D Fantasy

  1. Brooser Bear June 7, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Who is this guy? I didn’t play Champions, I played Espionage! (same publisher, I believe), and the number crunching in the Aftermath! Didn’t scare me. I bought and read every rpg system that came out between roughly 1985 and 1990. Few I didn’t get my hands on – Iron Crown’s Arms Law, Spell Law, etc; Chivalry and Sorcery, and Fantasy Trip. When I came back to running a game in 2003, I chose AD&D first edition for Gary Gygax’s writing and for its comprehension and sophistication. I kept the Gygax’s Non-Weapon Proficiencies and adopted a Runequest skill system for them, and then just kept modifying the AD&D rules for greater realism.

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