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Signs and Portents of Fantasy’s Future

John E. Boyle writes in with accolades… but also a warning:

Congratulations again, Jeffro. And I believe you are correct when you say that culture is downstream of criticism. The publication of your book is a successful attack on a group who have had things all their own way for a very long time. They can’t afford to ignore it.

Knowing them, their response is likely to consist of lies, insults and more lies, because any attempt to use the truth is only going to bolster your position.

This book of yours is a great start; here’s hoping we can keep things moving.

Keep what moving…? Well, Pulp Revolution… and a half dozen other overlapping literary movements, maybe. JimFear138 sure sees something coming:

Now maybe I’m reading signs that don’t exist, or misconstruing my tea-leaves, or maybe I’m actually being a bit prophetic (stranger things have happened than me being right for once), but I for one see the avalanche coming, and all the old, tired, staid towers of sand are about to be ground under and the foundations of something new are being laid.

You can see it in things like the Superversive movement, or magazines like Cirsova, or in authors like Nick Cole and Brian Niemeier bucking traditional publishing conventions and being wildly (or at least surprisingly) successful at it. And, more glaringly, you can see it in the sales numbers of Appendix N. At the time of this writing it currently sits at 2694 on the Amazon sales ranks. It’s also been sitting at the top of its respective categories for the better part of four days now, which is not an easy feat on a site like Amazon.

The audience is there. This is bigger than a couple of yahoos unearthing the past on their personal blogs to the delight of their meager following. There are storm clouds on the horizon, and if you strain your ears you can hear thunder.

Listen to the whole thing!

Now, the funny thing about those Amazon ranks is this. A few years back when 5th edition was brand new, I made the conscious choice to ignore it altogether. My thinking was that people would still be talking about Appendix N ten years down the road, long after 5e ceased to be the latest thing.

What I couldn’t imagine at the time was that a book that combined literary criticism with old school game blogging could actually go far higher on the charts than any D&D supplement I could conceivably have a hand in.

But here we are:



6 responses to “Signs and Portents of Fantasy’s Future

  1. Alexandru Constantin January 19, 2017 at 2:00 am

    The Pulp Revolution needs more magazines like Cirsova and more bloggers and central sites sharing releases etc. The lit-bore side of the house has a lot of online publications and big sites constantly pimping the same 10 best-of and announcing new releases etc.

  2. Dan Wolfgang January 19, 2017 at 2:01 am

    I’m very confident that things will keep moving steadily. Watching what happened a week ago with Mad Genius Club and the Sad Puppies, when practically everyone saw what was happening and knew it was bullshit, has shown to me that people have learned. They’ve learned from past movements like Sad Puppies and GamerGate, and because of this, they won’t make the same mistakes those movements did.

    That’s what’s got me so excited about what’s happening in Fantasy and Science Fiction fandom right now. I think that the Pulp Revolution will finally be the one to accomplish what similar movements from before couldn’t.

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