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Terminate All Anomalous Organisms Detected With Extreme Prejudice!

I knew Jon Mollison had written a Gamma World style post-apocalyptic story, but I was surprised by just how much his tale tracked with events in my own gaming sessions. Both featured mutant humanoid badgers (aka “badders” in the game), both featured factions demanding tribute from the players, both featured groups of mutants combing the wasteland for “True Men” in order to capture and sell them, and both featured robots saying stuff like, “ANALYSIS COMPLETE. ANOMALIES DETECTED: ZERO.”

But this book also shows things I only tantalized my players with in my campaign. We get an in depth look at not just a surviving off-world colony, but also a brutal mutant humanoid society as well. And as to the stuff I wouldn’t tend to think of dropping into a continuing campaign at all: the steamy pulp romance of A. Merritt and Leigh Brackett and the exploration of contrasting societies that is more typical in classic “hard” style science fiction by guys like Asimov and Heinlein.

The result is something that is anything but derivative or formulaic. In an age that is dominated by remakes, reboots, and prequels, this is a nice change of pace. Try it out for yourself and see. Grab a copy today!



One response to “Terminate All Anomalous Organisms Detected With Extreme Prejudice!

  1. David Good December 1, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    A very good book – I picked it up earlier this year. Mollison deserves more recognition. I haven’t read a flop from him yet.

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