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The Most Scientifically Accurate Star Wars Movie

In the build up leading to the release of the latest Star Wars movie, connoisseurs of serious science fiction were out in force dismissing the franchise as not even being science fiction at all. On the contrary, the most recent installment turns out to be something quite different. Not only has Wired reported that it is the most intellectual Star Wars movie, but multiple media outlets have run in depth articles breaking down the hard science fiction facts that buttress the action and adventure:

The VergeThat bizarre milk scene from The Last Jedi has a basis in dairy science

The riboflavin reflects greenish wavelengths of light, giving the clear liquid a grassy green hue. Typically, “you don’t see it because it’s masked by the fact that the particles of fat and the particles of protein are reflecting the light back,” Barbano says. “But when you take cow’s milk apart, the base color without the protein and the fat is actually green.

The SmithsonianThe Science of Silence in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Seeing Holdo’s bold ramming maneuver play out in silence, then, was satisfying to the scientist in Johnson. Generally, the sci-fi-loving professor just has to grin and bear it as blasterfire and thrusters wail improbably through the near-total vacuum of space. “That’s what it would be like for anybody watching that from afar,” says Johnson. “You watched the ship be there, and then not be there, and Snoke’s ship get cut in half. That is exactly what you would see from a different Star Destroyer.”

Forbes‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Finally Explains The Force

Thanks to the words and imagery in The Last Jedi, we can finally propose a working definition for the Force that’s both comprehensive and concise, scientific yet uses language that everyone can understand.

Star Wars haters, I do believe you owe me an apology!


One response to “The Most Scientifically Accurate Star Wars Movie

  1. J. D. Brink January 8, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Geez, those seem like pretty desperate points. Scrounging for real science in Star Wars? I think you’re better off just saying, “screw it, let’s just enjoy the colors.” (Plus, don’t try to scientificate the Force — really not the point.)
    Though I couldn’t help but realize that those bombers with their long holds of ordinance, as cool as the design may seem,would just open their doors and then self-destruct when their hundreds of bombs *failed to fall* in the lack of gravity. :)
    and hilarious cartoon, btw. That was kind of a shocking little scene. Kind of ill-timed too, given the current sexual harassment environment.

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