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The Space Game to End All Space Games

Federation & Empire is the biggest, most epic, most insanely monstery space game in existence. Even better… it’s been honed and developed for decades. This feat is made possible by an utterly impossible license that was issued directly from Franz Joseph at a time when no one knew that Star Trek was going to matter culturally and commercially. Unlike all the other game licenses since this one it never expires. And for a hate-filled culture critic like myself there’s an added bonus: all of the subversions, retcons, and horrors that have accrued to the franchise since around 1980 or so…? This game presents an entirely self-consistent alternate Star Fleet style universe that is extrapolated out as if none of that was even conceivable.

It’s mind-blowing. It is– literally– the Franz Joseph Star Fleet Technical Manual brought to life. Even better… Larry Niven’s Kzin  (which made a brief appearance in an old episode of the seventies Trek cartoon) are given first class treatment.

But best of all, all of the ships and units from the Star Fleet Battles game are here in all their glory. The entire fleets of the Gorns, Tholians, Klingons, and Romulans are in play at once. All of their ships. Tugs, carriers, maulers, scouts, and more– they’re all here. And if you encountered the tactical game first and fell in love with it, you’re in luck: you now have a monster strategic game that serves as the official campaign rules for your monster tactical game.

Fans of the game routinely spend entire weeks at time playing out their monster space wars. For people that don’t have that kind of stamina there are plenty of smaller scenarios that can be played out in single session. But I don’t see the appeal for that, really. I mean… if you’re going to start playing a game this awesome, why would you ever want to stop?!

2 responses to “The Space Game to End All Space Games

  1. RockyMountainNavy January 15, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Monster game of an epic saga. Sadly, it also totally disrupts the gaming space-time continuum in my home. Rules like Reaction or Pinning took some effort to grok. Fond memories, but unlikely to ever land on the gaming table again.

  2. Byron January 20, 2020 at 9:21 am

    A monster game, no doubt. An engineer’s dream; a gamer’s nightmare. It’s just insanely detailed and difficult to put together with hundred’s of ships (yes, HUNDREDS) in each fleet running around and setting fire to the Star Fleet universe. Simpler is funner and this isn’t simple at all, unfortunately.

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