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Appendix N: Now in Audiobook!

Check it out…!

Appendix N is now available in audiobook format!

I am so stoked about this!!

Here’s what I imagine happening. Somebody that doesn’t read blogs and that doesn’t have time to read books is going to put this on. Probably somebody that played D&D twenty years ago, but drifted away from it when their high school buddies moved away.

This guy’s going to be in his car listening to this… and he’s going to have never heard the words of Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, Fritz Leiber, A. Merritt, Leigh Brackett, or Jack Vance read out loud before. But there in the space of a few days during his daily commute… he’s going to hear them all one right after another.

At some point… his mind will be blown so many times… he will be irrevocably changed. And he suddenly be thinking two thoughts simultaneously:

  1. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!
  2. I gotta read more of these guys!!!!

And just like that he’ll be ruined. He’ll cruise through the fantasy and science fiction section at Barnes & Noble just on the edge of rage. He’ll prowl used book stores. He’ll be aghast when book store clerks don’t have any idea who Lord Dunsany is. He’ll be completely unable to look at contemporary television and movies the same way again. He’ll start planning an all new D&D campaign, contemplate publishing a novella on Amazon, and he will absolutely mystify his friends with his arcane knowledge.

Now… if only I could persuade Arkhaven to do a comics adaption of Appendix N, I’d really be in business!!


4 responses to “Appendix N: Now in Audiobook!

  1. The Mixed GM January 20, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Those two thoughts…

    1. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!
    2. I gotta read more of these guys!!!!

    …are exactly what happened to me. Thank you for your book. I have discovered some incredible stories through it. I cannot recommend your book highly enough.

    If anything I write is ever a quarter as good was something in Appendix N, I will die happy.

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