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Live. Unedited. Uncensored: Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman

This is… right now… the most interesting thing on the internet.

And note that the ideology that Jordan Peterson dismantles in this debate is of course the same one that has been used to destroy Marvel and DC and which has recently caused Star Wars to collapse in on itself. Also, the damage control playbook deployed in the wake of this media debacle is precisely the same as what was used during Gamergate. The ride never ends.

Bringing this around full circle… when the New York Times was collecting a Pulitzer prize for creating fake news about the Soviet Union, pulp master Edgar Rice Burroughs was writing planetary romance which satirized this same ideology that Cathy Newman is attempting to champion. Very conveniently, the left-leaning commentariat that subsequently took control of the field would go on to make a point of disqualifying Burroughs from even being a science fiction author– in spite of the astonishing scope of his influence.

Similarly, the other greats of the field that were quietly erased from the canon over the passing decades were treated that way because either they directly challenged Marxism or their very existence (like Leigh Brackett’s) would eventually contradict some aspect of the narrative.





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