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Critical Hit: Appendix N in Audiobook Format

Judging by this review of the audiobook, all is proceeding as I have foreseen:

Fantastic. I’m a fantasy and science fiction fan and grew up playing AD&D in the 80’s (and still play). I never payed any attention to Appendix N (except, perhaps, to see if any of my favorites were on it). This book goes through the books that Gygax liked and found useful in his gaming and meta-gaming (Appendix N), explains what in the books shows up in AD&D (and related games, like Gamma World), and how the concepts can be used to improve our own gaming sessions. Along with that, you get the author’s own thoughts on the quality of the books and the changes in fantasy/scifi and gaming since that work and Appendix N came out. I listened to the audio book and it was like chilling out with an old friend who had the same tastes in gaming and books and the same thoughts about how many of the changes in both have been lamentable. I’ve recommended it to my gaming/sci-fi/fantasy friends. Plus, I’ve already started in on the reading list Johnson helped me create and have thought of ways I’m going to bring some of the concepts into current and future campaigns.

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic!

The type of writing I was doing there is of course a distillation of what you’d find in the tabletop roleplaying game blog scene. Comparable books in the marketplace with similar subject matter were nothing like what I ended up delivering!

But the audience is there. And something happens when these people get the message: This book changes what people read. It changes how they game. And more than that, it gets so many gears turning and so many ideas reacting and interacting… people come away with an irrepressible desire to go create something.

It’s just plain awesome.


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