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The Dumbest Generation

Watching the excitement surrounding Jordan Peterson’s common sense advice, I wonder sometimes how we could have gotten to this point.

Part of the answer to that is buried in the science fiction and fantasy paperbacks that were released in the sixties and seventies. But it’s also in the deep tracks that came out during the same period.


One response to “The Dumbest Generation

  1. Twila Price February 12, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    I checked the lyrics of both songs as I listened to them and I don’t think I get what you are implying with “Enter the Young” — it seems to be a benign statement that the young are coming and doing things now. Whoopee. The young have been doing that ever since day one. It’s life. Else we would stagnate and die. (So says the grandmother of seven who sees several becoming older teenagers who are responsible and caring humans, and who do actually believe in good, God, morals and Mom’s apple pie.)

    Now, Shades of Grey can be taken literally as a statement that nothing is true or good or moral anymore and that’s how you know you are grown-up, but I hear it as a melancholy longing for those certainties in a world that tends to muddle them. And in the era of Vietnam, those certainties were certainly muddled and hard to hold on to. But not everyone alive then was shaken in their beliefs. Not by half.

    And I still don’t know what two songs and a bunch of sf paperbacks has to do with how the world is today. You seem to be generalizing that because some writers and other entertainers wrote/sang/acted in some works that are less than “all hero all the time” in the 1960s and 1970s it therefore means that the whole culture was rotted by that, just as “one bad apple” can ruin the barrel. I think you are being way too pessimistic.

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