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A Brief Encounter with CityTech

It’s a harsh truth of gaming. Eighty percent of  gameplay from a particular line is going to be taken up with fraction of its supplements. With BattleTech, this means that most people are going to play just with the core set and the technical readouts. Practically speaking, CityTech and AeroTech are going to end up gathering dust alongside Truck Stop, Boat Wars, and the weirder Star Fleet Battles modules…!

So I count myself lucky to have gotten to play CityTech. But 100 ton ‘mechs are cool, so we played it with units that… well, that don’t really work well with the system.

Above you can see my opponent realizing that a ‘mech with lots of LRM’s is just not going to do well in this environment. Meanwhile, my ‘mech loaded with short range weapons had no way to take advantage of the initiative to place any reasonable shots at all.

The L3 building is extremely tall but can be turned to rubble with just three medium laser hits.

With slow assault ‘mechs without jump jets, it’s still a problem. Looks like a city battle just isn’t going to happen!

My opponent just can’t allow me to get in close, so he felt like he had to do everything he could to keep the distance up. Unfortunately for him, I could climb a hill to score a single large laser hit.

This shouldn’t been that great of a setback, but this is BattleTech. I rolled a 2 for hit location, scoring a critical on the center torso. This turned out to be an ammo explosion, ending the game rather earlier than expected.

Next: Probably something involving jump jets!

One response to “A Brief Encounter with CityTech

  1. John Boyle February 19, 2018 at 7:30 am

    Ah, so that is what you meant by “brief”!

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