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Your Chance to Roast Me for Three Cents Canadian

Sick to the back teeth of all those geeky e-celebs and the fawning Greek chorus that always seems to congeal in their wake…? I feel ya, man! I’ve often wished that there was a way to take these jokers down a peg….

And now there is! Martian Migraine Press has an anthology in the works where you can totally light these guys up!

Check it out:

Esteemed biographers of weird fiction luminaries who reveal their foaming insecurity at the changing of the guard, or the form of a literary award…. Yes, they’re out there, in their seeming thousands, trolling social media, fawning over the dead, podcasting their paranoia…. We are looking for humourous stories of a certain kind of Cthulhu Mythos fan: the rabid Lovecraft worshipper, the defender of the outmoded and outclassed, the pulp reader for whom Weird Fiction peaked somewhere in the middle of the last century…. We’re looking for tales that pit Innsmouthbreathers against all manner of real and imagined horrors: shoggoths with Social Justice agendas, politically active Deep Ones, enlightened Mi-Go, and Nick Mamatas.

And uh…. Wait a second, now. Are they talking about what I think they’re talking about…? [Clears throat loudly]

Eh, couldn’t be.

Either way, though… if you’d like to take a swing at me in these pages, the hat is off!


One response to “Your Chance to Roast Me for Three Cents Canadian

  1. Cirsova March 6, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Have just received confirmation that my submission was received! >:D

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