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Time Asks Jordan Peterson: Can Men and Women be Friends?

Time magazine’s sexless/sackless/neutered automaton correspondent is completely baffled by anything that even remotely touches on the human experience:

Why do you say in the book that “most men do not meet female human standards”? The evidence for that is pretty clear. Women have every reason to be as picky as they possibly can be, because they bear the brunt of the catastrophe of childrearing.

Do you worry that to phrase it as you do, and also to say that “women will not date guys who are their friends,” seems to promote an antipathy between the genders? There is an antipathy between the genders. Their interests are not identical. Look what’s happening in our culture. The whole last three months have been consumed by the #MeToo scandal. Our interests aren’t identical at the biological level. Or even at the practical level.

Never mind the classics. A romantic comedy film from 1989 is now too edgy and sophisticated for our mass media narrative police to be able to grapple with.

Don’t watch anything from before 1990!


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