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Another Astonishing One Star Review for Appendix N!

We’ve had a despairing Denethor type show up around here this past week. He was soon followed by an enfeebled Theoden. This is all well and good, but the question remains: where do you go to find a modern day Gollum?

Goodreads, natch!

Check it out:

Okay its half useful inspiration of D&D stuff, half pompous, self-righteous opinions about what sci-fi fantasy is. I thought it would be worth it but 150 pages in my sanity just started to fray too much. Like I’m sorry to Mr. Johnson, but half of the time you’re just summarizing books and saying “YEAH COOL BRO.” I’d rather just read the book or something. There were some genuine interesting insights about the influence on D&D, but there is also some dull insights about it. There is far too much of the author telling me what he thinks is interesting which I do not give a @!#?@! about (I’m not even going to get into how much he caters to the white male elitist nerd. What year is it again?)

We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!

And to think that I managed to cross over into two star territory on the basis of my mad game mastering skillz alone! I would have held onto, too, if my girl Jill hadn’t showed up to talk him out of it!

I can’t read this without wanting to know more. What is it about this book that causes this him to react as if he’s stumbled upon the original Düsseldorf edition of von Junzt’s horrible Nameless Cults? Fortunately, Jill inspired him to return and divulge the rest of the story:

At one point he literally says he only identifies with the white prince hero type so he doesn’t give a @!#?@! about other characters (my exaggeration of course, but a worthy one, I assert), besides having a super tortured self-effacing decency clause about women (cuz that totally justifies his broader attitude about “interesting female characters”), and is really mad when the white prince man turns out to be evil. HE HATES IT WHEN THE COOL WHITE GUY IS EVIL. HE HATES FROZEN BECAUSE THE WHITE PRINCE TURNS OUT TO BE EVIL. WHAT THE @!#?@! AM I READING?!?!

There it is, y’all. If Tarzan and Jane, Conan and Bêlit, and Matthew Carse and Lady Ywain of Sark all leave you cold… and if Frozen is for you the last word on fairy-tale romance…

Then Appendix N will positively blow your mind.

Handle with extreme caution, because this book is your own personal Heart of Darkness!

2 responses to “Another Astonishing One Star Review for Appendix N!

  1. Rob March 11, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Jeffro caters to white male elitist nerds and hates it when the cool white prince turns out to be evil? (Can a person be an elitist and a nerd at the same time – a real elitist wouldn’t have anything to do with nerds). But the bad guy is almost always white and usually male. The stories we get these days are extremely predictable.

    I just watched The Shape of Water. A SFF movie makes best picture – pretty cool – but the good guy/bad guy line-up is completely color-by-the numbers.

    Bad Guys:
    Racist homophobic white male with Southern accent.
    Brutal racist, sexist white male government agent (with good looking WASP wife).
    Absolutely cold-blooded white male U.S. Army general (or was he USAF?).

    On the fence, sorta bad, sorta good: white male Soviet spy/scientist.

    Good Guys:
    Handicapped white female cleaning lady with a bestiality fetish.
    Funny likeable black female cleaning lady who smokes.
    Cowardly white male homosexual senior citizen artist.
    The Creature from the Black Lagoon – a demigod who likes white women.

    When are we going to get a Star Wars type of universe, for example, where ALL of the Imperialist bad guys are black instead of white? And the lone white stormtrooper with a heart of gold leaves the Empire and joins the plucky band of diverse white heroes (Englishmen, Scotsmen, Frenchmen, etc.).

    There are a few exceptions, like Conan the Barbarian. But James Earl Jones is great as a creepy evil snake cult leader with an army of white followers and minions. And of course you can have black bad guys when the entire principle cast is black, as in Fences, likewise with Japanese movies with an all-Japanese cast.

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