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The Hit Piece Machine Goes Into High Gear

They really do give Wormtongue a run for his money.

Consider this bit from Vox: “The empathy that he displays for men and boys in his BBC interview and 12 Rules for Life is touching. The problem is that he can’t seem to extend it to anyone else.”

In Bizarro World, having any sympathy at all for fatherless boys is proof positive that  you ipso facto must somehow hate women. But given that Star Wars and comic books both being destroyed by far left losers, I have to say… it would take a seriously sorry individual to want to come in and take away bible commentaries filtered through a lens of Jungian psychology from little boys.

If you ever wondered why it is that we can’t have nice things… this is it!

Meanwhile, a writer at Mic has helpfully compiled a list of the dankest stuff they could get on the new Emmanuel Goldstein:

Since a notorious January interview with British broadcaster Cathy Newman, where he went toe-to-toe on the pay gap between men and women, there seems to be a new Peterson YouTube video or lecture every week putting him back in the public eye, and eliciting both mockery or increased devotion. There was the February interview with Vice where he said that women who wear makeup in the workplace are hypocrites for complaining about sexual harassment. And there was Monday’s Twitter meltdown, where he threatened to slap a writer who accused him of being a fascist. Then there’s his complaints that he can’t physically attack women in conversations the way he’s (apparently) socially permitted to with men. And let’s not forget his older videos where he discusses that certain Disney movies are neo-Marxist propaganda.

I guess it doesn’t matter that people can go see for themselves precisely what the Awful No Good Scary Man actually said in that Vice interview. And I guess it doesn’t matter that anyone that reads Pankaj Mishra’s piece on Jordan Peterson will come away wanting to slap that sanctimonious prick silly. What really does matter…? Oh yeah… this mindbendingly nice Canadian professor is supposed to be gnashing his teeth over the fact that he couldn’t ask Cathy Newmann to step outside… in an interview where she embarrassed herself so badly, she is now an internet meme synonymous with the vacuousness of the Left’s tedious rhetoric.

But let’s not forget… all of this is nothing compared to the man’s hate-filed comparison of Sleeping Beauty to Frozen. (I mean how dare he. HOW DARE HE!!!!)

Never mind the pay gap and the pronoun police. If you really want to rile these people up, just go leave a negative review up on Rotten Tomatoes. They can’t handle people criticizing their favorite films!


3 responses to “The Hit Piece Machine Goes Into High Gear

  1. Man of the Atom April 1, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    The most amusing thing about the Fake News Media is their clear and present fear of Jordan Peterson. He should have succumbed and apologized by now, allowing them thus to crush the defiant peasant who tasks them. It is most entertaining watching these slugs squirm in pools of their own salty tears.

  2. thesagaofaelorad April 8, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    It is hilarious and I concur. The media cannot seem to interpret what Jordan Peterson says without trying to finagle it to fit their “Anti-Women/Alt-Right” agenda, without making themselves look like fools.

    All one has to do, to understand what this man’s beliefs are, is to read what he recommends (Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Orwell, Huxley) and his book. And I seriously can’t convince enough people on how great “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos” is.

    • jeffro April 8, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      Yeah, when I summarize some of the advice from 12 Rules as actual personal goals, people tend to be astonished at my optimism, common sense, discipline, and vision. People out in the real world respect people that apply what Jordan Peterson is saying. And no, not all of it is obvious. (A lot of his critics rush to say that.) His example of people that will not take their own pills but will faithfully see to it that their pets take everything the vet says for them to is spot on. People don’t spontaneously sort themselves out. And there is so much anti-wisdom that seems to encourage people to not even try. (Ie, all the “be yourself”, “don’t judge”, “go find yourself” type stuff out there.)

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