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SciFi is Filled With Gross NERDS

This just in, an honest question regarding the nature of the Pulp Revolution scene:

As I noted over on Google+, there is something to this. Science fiction and fantasy before 1940 was written by a diverse group of people from diverse regions with diverse perspectives… and written for a very broad audience. Fandom did not really congeal until the forties… and it was a mistake. The ghettoization of the genre at that point twisted the field into something pretty much by losers for losers. In the more extreme cases, you get freaks like Marion Zimmer Bradley… as celebrated as she is evil. For myself, I find even decent authors like Orson Scott Card to be disappointing given the absolutely dreary ending of Ender Wiggin’s romantic prospects. I’m sorry, you don’t have much to offer in tales of imagination if either having a normal family life or else sweeping a girl off her feet are outside the scope of your life experience.

Author Misha Burnett sums up the shift this way: “the fantasy used to be ‘a loser can change himself to become a winner’ and a lot of us were inspired by geek pursuits to make positive changes. Guys were inspired by ‘A Princess Of Mars’ to go into aerospace, or became gym rats to be like Conan, joined the military to follow Sergeant Rock and the Howling Commandos…. But something changed and today’s losers want a message of ‘the world has to change to suit you, and then you’ll be a winner’. Harry Potter was pulled out of his abusive home and brought to the place where he was always the star of the show through no action of his own.”

This inability to take decisive action… this pattern of waiting around for a soul mate that can love you just the way are… this withdrawal into a clique of freaks and losers… it’s not healthy. From a libertarian standpoint, it would make a lot sense to let people self destruct in this manner if that’s what they think they want to do. On the other hand, when these people cross the line into weirdly and aggressively making a virtue out of their own awfulness, a great deal of damage is done.

A case in point would be this exchange over at Katie’s Game Corner:

ALEXANDRU CONSTANTINWhy don’t you just call out names and actions instead of being vague.

“Dipshit Jones acted like a little bitch at the convention, I told him to quit, and he didn’t.” Say it, shame them. Describe the actions.

I don’t go to gaming conventions because I find gamers disgusting fat bores but whenever we go bar hopping and some dude creeps on my wife or female friends they get handled swiftly and violently.

Maybe you need some friends to watch your back.

LUCASI try to avoid bar hopping because I find bros who feel they have to be violent to prove they’re a “man” or because they can’t articulate their thoughts and can’t act in a rational way disgusting and more often than not the cause of issues.

I’m sure there are plenty of people to watch her back, but I think the point was that our hobby should be a safe and inclusive space.

ALEXANDRU CONSTANTINObviously, there isn’t “plenty” of people to watch her back because she’s getting harassed at public events.

DUSTY CRAINE: Alexandru .. Lucus .. Too many people are afraid to speak up for fear of how THEY will be perceived. If it’s someone of influence that you respect and admire, it’s even harder to speak up against their bad behavior. Who wants to alienate a person they admire for the sake of a girl they don’t know? Not many. So they probably say nothing. Or if they do, and it does go down like they expect, and this guy lashes out. Anyone else observing has learned the cost of speaking out. Not many people will accept the consequence of speaking up for a stranger. Certainly there are people who will. I would like to think that I’m one of them, but I’ve not been given the opportunity to test that. So while there may be plenty of people, in number, to watch her back. How many will actually do so?

Notice the mindset difference there.

The guy that embodies a normal, healthy “pulp” attitude takes it for granted that friends stick up for friends. Weirdo Beardo? He’s not even sure what he would do in an awkward social situation because he’s never been put to the test. He lacks the confidence to even commit himself to doing what he understands to be right thing to do.

If you ever wondered why pedophiles can operate with impunity within geek scenes such as SciFi fandom, it’s because of weak losers that can be relied upon to never stand up for anybody or anything.

No wonder Katie doesn’t feel safe at Origins.

7 responses to “SciFi is Filled With Gross NERDS

  1. louisdesyjr June 24, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    It looks like nothing was reported to any authority or the convention staff, if so, why not?

    In 2016 I was on the schedule for lectures that members of the far left (SJWs) decided they didn’t like, Gamergate and The Culture Wars, (I also had 8 hours on economics between the world wars). Those people decided that these topics (Gamergate and The Culture Wars) could not be discussed even in an academic setting, and got everything of mine taken off the schedule. There was some speculation that the people calling for the removal of these lectures were not even going to attend but decided to use their power to veto things they decided they wanted not talked about.

    Yet, somehow, someone doing the things she claims was done, is not reported by her or anyone else and allowed to remain part of the convention!

    That is why people find it hard to believe what is being claimed to have happened.

    If these things did happen then people would like an explanation as to why they are not reported at the time they are happening, when something could be done about it and to protect other people.

    Even after the event, evidence of some of the things would still be available, like the pictures to her cell phone, but nothing is reported.


    Louis J. Desy Jr.

  2. Alexandru Constantin June 24, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    I just don’t understand the mindset. If somebody harassed any of my friends they would inform me right away and it would be dealt with.

    I can’t stand this limp wristed soy knights just offering meaningless platitudes. Name the names and describe the actions, accuse the motherfuckers so we can deal with them.

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  4. MishaBurnett June 25, 2018 at 6:04 am

    If someone commits assault at a convention–or in any other public space–then the response needs to be swift and sure and backed by the full power of the law. Call the police and find a staffer to stay with until the police arrive. Then press charges. Convention staff and hotel security are not empowered to make arrests. The police are. Use them, and make sure that everyone knows that breaking the law at a convention will result in the same consequences as breaking the law anywhere else.

    However, neither the police nor the convention staff are empowered to prevent you from being offended. Looking at you is not a crime. Saying bad words in your hearing is not a crime. People–both men and women–go to conventions to relax and blow off steam. Sometimes alcohol is involved. Behaviour can be different than what you’ll experience in the workplace or at your church. Sometimes people talk about sex. I’ve even heard (I don’t know from direct experience) that people even occasionally have sex at a convention.

    Personally, I avoid conventions because I don’t feel comfortable in crowds and I don’t like crude speech and behaviour. See how simple that is?

  5. Anonymous June 25, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Yeah, too bad nothing of that actually happened and landwhale mchamplanet here just want to be a little attention craving drama whore

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