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Colonial Twilight: A Different Kind of War

A good game forces you to learn something in order to play it well. Colonial Twilight has quite a bit to offer in that regard and it can take several plays to get the hang of it.

The guerrilla forces are of course the most attractive aspect of the game. They fight differently than conventional forces. They have different capabilities compared to conventional forces. They have completely different objectives than they counter-insurgent government player.

But here’s the thing….

If you try to go head to head against France’s elite troops with them, you’re going to get blown away. It doesn’t matter that you can ambush them, subvert Algerian police and troops, and rally new recruits faster than the government can kill them.

Even an experienced wargamer is likely to spend far too much time and materiel playing the sort of game the guerrillas are ill-suited for. But a novice will compound this by neglecting the much more significant battle for the hearts and minds of the civilian population.

Which means that when the second propaganda card turns up, the game can come to a very abrupt end with a very early and very decisive government victory:

Better luck next time!


One response to “Colonial Twilight: A Different Kind of War

  1. John Boyle July 12, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Another great game from the folks at GMT.

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