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The D&D fight of the century?

Daddy Warpig has just announced it on the most recent episode of Geek Gab: “We are trying to get together a show with RpgPundit and Jeffro to come on the show and debate issues of D&D and from what I understand looking at Google+, the RpgPundit just launched another broadside against Appendix N, so I am absolutely sure that if we bring this off, that will come off in the discussion…. Jeffro vs. RpgPundit in the D&D fight of the century!”

Unfortunately, not everyone out there wants to see a couple of role-playing game junkies come to blows over this. As Adam Simpson comments on the video, “RPG Pundit and Jeffro? I will listen to that! I’m not looking forward to fighting but I would like to see both of them make clear their positions on Appendix N. I get the feeling sometimes those are 2 guys who have more in common than in conflict. I like RPG Pundit but I think Jeffro’s insights on Appendix N are worthy of everyone’s attention.”

What does the RPG Pundit have to say on this? Maybe he’s mellowed on the subject of Appendix N over the past year or so…? Let’s check in with him.

Show me how many major references there were to Appendix N in print BEFORE the OSR. If it was so pivotal, that should be easy.

But you can’t. You’ll probably find some dusty Dragon article that mentioned it, once, or some single conversation on some newsgroup from the 1990s.

That’s some pretty tough talk there. You might be thinking he’s ready to throw down in a no holds barred fight to the finish on the subject. And if you are… you’re wrong:

I have no problem debating you about Appendix N, with regards to how important it is, because it just isn’t, and the historical evidence is on my side.

And if that’s a segment of the show, I have no problem with that. But I’d rather be more topical and spend time discussing a much more important subject, which is the SJWs’ attempts to take over the entire hobby.

While reposting the classic rant on my blog, which I only did because it was just it’s turn to be reposted on my list, I literally looked at it and thought to myself “well, we won’t be likely to have time to argue about minor crap like this anymore, not with what’s going down hobby-wide now”.

There you have it.

He’s coming out swinging in the comment boxes here, but as far as any kind of in depth debate on the subject of Appendix N is concerned… he’d really prefer to discuss almost anything else!


2 responses to “The D&D fight of the century?

  1. Bryce Byerley July 22, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    I think it’s kinda like when everyone expected the livestream between Vox and EVS was going to be a Thunderdome deathmatch…and turned into a very enlightening discussion between two very knowledgeable professionals.

  2. tachyon80 July 23, 2018 at 6:52 am

    This is getting to be bogus. RPG Pundit is making a crappy argument. He wants evidence in print from before the OSR was operating that Appendix N influenced D&D. The evidence is in the books. After reading them and looking at early editions of D&D it’s undeniable. Trying to find people gushing about Gary’s Appendix N list in the 70s and early 80s is pointless. Especially because the D&D folks were mostly reading those books themselves anyways.
    Ok, I revise my position. RPG Pundit needs the obvious pointed out to him. If he refuses to acknowledge it, shame on him.

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