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On the Table: Car Wars Expansion Set 5 Double Arena

We went nuts this game. Not the most brilliant scenario design on my part. It turned into a five hour long battle royale and we had a lot of fun, but it would have been a lot more fun if we had just changed ONE thing…!

Here is the car we were using:

Gothmog — Luxury, x-hvy chassis, hvy suspension, sport power plant with superconductors, 4 solid tires, driver with IBA, PFE, and AVR,  2 linked ATGs with APFSDS ammo front, HFOJ back, spoiler, airdam, anti-lock brakes, HD brakes, 3 linked FCD (right, left, and back). Armor: F 30, R 25, L 25, B 25, T 3, U 2, 2 10-pt wheel hubs front, 2 10-point wheel guards back, 10-points CA on plant, 10-points CA on driver. Accel 10, top speed 120 mph, HC 3, 6,595 lbs, $30,000.

The big mistake here was not putting the usual hi-res single weapon computer on this sucker. Not doing so meant there were very few hits at all and we usually needed 11+ to hit at all. This slowed the game waaaaaay down.

Car Wars managed to deliever anyway. We played three of these cars to a side at the Buffalo Municipal Arena. The opening conflagration lead to a couple of t-bone rams. The hazards from these combines with speeds of 80 mph led to one car on each side rolling and then catching fire. Portable fire extinguishers put out the flames and two pedestrians fled the wrecks to go up a TV bunker.

It was total chaos at this point. My car that rolled actually flew into the rear end of one of my other cars. I actually had to run it out a bit, which separated my other car and left him tailed by two opposing cars. One of them managed to score a ram and I pulled forward two inches from there. My opponent then failed a control roll for the hazard and executed a hard fishtail. At this point, I saw I was perfectly positioned to drop a supersized flaming oil counter.

My opponent was called to move half an inch the next phase– right onto the flaming oil. Then he was called to move an inch the phase after that and was STILL on the flaming oil counter. The next phase he didn’t move at all. Three full phases on the flaming oil. We ruled that it did damage and a fire modifier for each of those phases– which I see now is probably not the correct ruling. The guy was down to one DP on one front tire and 2 DP’s on the other… and then he caught fire and exploded.

This was awesomely fun. It should have been the turning point of the game, but then the guy’s wingman got a shot off through my breached right side armor. He rolled a natural twelve and completely blew away my continuing character that had just scored an awesome kill with flaming oil. (We had even agreed before the game that if that happened, the guy who did it would get a sponsorship from the makers of the flaming oil jet. Oh well!)

This guy’s car was completely undamaged. My surviving vehicle scored one hit on his front armor with the ATG. Then I peeled away, forcing the game to be settled by one last pass. We circled the outside of the arena and met on the other side. The first shot needed 11+ to hit… and I got lucky, blowing through what was left of his armor and taking out an ATG. A split second later, he hit with his one and I hit with both of mine at point blank range. That was the end of it!

We had one continuing character survive this event– Borf from the previous two games. Here’s his stats:

Borf: Four points in driver skill, ten points in gunner. Four prestige. One kill. Possesions: one S’most with two points of damage to each of the tires, one point of damage to each internal component, 7 points of damage front, 8 points of damage left, 7 points of damage right, one point of damage top, and 1 point of damage to the underbody. Five FT shots fired.

My guy Norbert also made it out with no kills. That puts him with one point in driver, two points in gunner, and no prestige.

My guy Egon won the match. He gets two points in driver, five points in gunner, five prestige and one kill. His Gothmog has 3 ATG shots fired, one ATG destroyed, no front armor, and six points damage against the enging CA. Elon’s Gothmog which he killed has 7 ATG shots fired, one ATG destroyed, no front armor, no engine, and 9 points of damage against the driver’s CA.

Looking at these designs, I have to say… the Flame Cloud Dischargers were a waste. As a secondary weapon they are a complete bust. There was never a good time to use them and they get destroyed in rams, etc. We don’t remember to check if weapons fire kills them and even then it’s not worth keeping up with because they’re just not useful. (Linked point defense grenades on the sides are liable to see some use, though.)

The component armor really drug out the game and the wheel guards and wheel hubs were never a factor. (Our weapons were too inaccurate for that to matter.) Finally, the heavy duty anti-lock brakes were nowhere near as useful as a HRSWC or HD Shocks would have been. Really should have gotten rid of all that other stuff and picked those two things up instead!

Finally, the extremely large arena did not contribute to the play. The TV bunkers never had much of an impact on our maneuvers. A single map sheet is plenty for a game like this…!

Still kicking myself for not installing a targeting computer. I really underestimated how big of an impact those speed mods were going to have on play. Ah well…!

Two vehicles rolling and burning simultaneously. Speed kills!

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