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A Quick Play of the Original Chainmail Rules

Gonna fake my way through some old school miniatures rules here. On the left, 60 light horse and 320 heavy foot. On the right 60 medium horse and 320 light infantry. Never done this before!

I elected for the light foot to stand still and fire bows. They kill five of the “half armored” medium foot. (!!) The medium horse charge the light horse, kill one enemy, and get “back half move in good order.”

Question: The medium horse keep moving after the successful charge. Do they get another attack when they come into contact with the light horse a second time?

Wait, though. The light horse took > 25% casualties. They fail a morale check and immediately disperse. The medium horse complete their charge movement and are now a full two feet from their starting position. (Chainmail requires a VERY LARGE TABLE.)

The heavy foot charge the light foot, killing 3 figures. The light foot also fall back half a move– just barely outside of the heavy foot’s completed charge move. Neither sets of figures must make a morale check due to casualties– but only just barely!

The medium cavalry are 27″ from their enemies and pointed in the wrong direction. An about face takes a full move, so they are out of play for two full turns no matter what. The infantry battle will come down to initiative and morale rolls.

The remaining 13 light infantry figures win initiative and fire ranged weapons. This kills 4 of the heavy foot, forcing a morale check. The heavy foot succeed. They attack! Again they score three hits while the light foot score none.

The outcome for the melee morale check indicates that melee continues. The light foot must check morale, though. They succeed! Neither group of foot must check morale again, however the light disperse after two more hits and the heavy after just one more hit!

The foot units will be fatigued after the next round. The medium horse will not be able to fire into melee. Everything is down to one more round of melee here.

The medium infantry score three more hits and AGAIN take none in return. The light foot automatically disperse due to morale rules. The surviving heavy foot are fatigued with medium cavalry bearing down on them from behind.

The medium horse can take no damage this turn. They get +1 to their rolls and easily kill two figures. The heavy foot are now past their casualty limits and are removed from play. Three medium horse hold the field!

2 responses to “A Quick Play of the Original Chainmail Rules

  1. jeboyle2 November 15, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Boy, that brings back memories!

    Thanks for opening a window into the distant past.

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