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Chainmail Comes to Trollopulous!

The Joy of Wargaming channel has played out TWO TITANIC Chainmail battles that were produced by domain-level actors in the Trollopulous first edition AD&D campaign. First, some answers to questions we are getting on this. And then… THE VIDEOS. Enjoy!!

WHY ARE YOU USING CHAINMAIL WITH AD&D? — Because the Monster Manual assumes you will. Did you see how many Chainmail armies are broken down in this pages?!

BUT SHOULDN’T YOU BE USING BATTLESYSTEM INSTEAD — No, those rules came out way late in the game and they are not Real D&D. All you need to know about it is that it was written by the same guy that put together the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide. Gross!

IS THIS HOW JEFFRO WAS RUNNING MASS COMBAT LAST YEAR — No, my approach combined Chainmail’s 1:20 scaling with Swords & Spells’s average hit points and average damage concepts and every single combat rule in the AD&D core books. A little slower to run, but a little more faithful to the AD&D game overall. (But man, did you notice how those AD&D spells could be dropped right into Chainmail with no changes?! Incredible!)

HOW WERE THE SCENARIOS GENERATED? — By Braunstein. That is, the referee talks to each domain level player individually while all the other players can talk amongst themselves. Unlike Arneson’s group, we don’t have to be in the same room to pull it off. We run an “always on” campaign via Twitter and events start and stop as they will, feeding into more conventional role-play sessions and reacting to the various solitaire domain development projects that all happen concurrently. 1:1 time combined with patron play and chainmail is the incredibly awesome gaming idea that was lost for over 40 years and which is only just recently been recovered. You gotta try it!!!

HOW DOES THIS TIE IN TO SATURDAY’S ONE-SHOT GAME — The Necromancer was supposed to be in Trollopulous when these battles went down, but he was doing stuff out in the jungle instead. I’d promised the one-shot players that they would be able to see the effects of their actions on the broader campaign world and thanks to Jon, that promise was fulfilled less than 48 hours after I made it!!

Super big thanks to Jon Mollison and Brian Renninger for making a gaming dream come true that is so amazing, not even 14-year-old Jeffro would have dared for asking for something this great. OUTSTANDING!!!


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