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You Need to Get on Board with Shagduk Right Now


I am sure you already know the scoop on this one due to JB’s recent Geek Gab appearance. But let me tell you. Speaking as a guy that already has a draft of this novel in his hot little hands this thing really is the shizzle.

It’s got Fort Worth, Texas. Librarian chicks that are up to no good. Esoteric collections of obscure volumes locked away in the basement. Even a creeping suspicion that sinister forces are at work and that portentous things are happening just on the edge of your sight.

But you know me. Having spent years trying to get into the headspace of mid-seventies wargaming culture, I am of course completely blown out by the concentrated wonder that is exemplified by the year 1977 itself. Sitting on a bean bag chair while listening to records and reading the liner notes! The bass riff from the Barney Miller theme song! Long-haired skinny women that know how to cook and that don’t have any tattoos!

But that ain’t even the kicker. Something about the tempo and verve of the writing. It just feels like Zelazny to me! The main character himself. He could even be that guy Random from Zelazny’s Amber series, killing time on a parallel earth while cosmic things are happening in another dimension. With just enough Lovecraft to make you dread the inevitable moment when the other shoe drops.

You want in on this. YOU GOTTA GET IN ON THIS!

Back this kickass novel today. It’s the bro thing to do.


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