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New Interview on Appendix N and Real D&D!

Things have definitely moved on quite a ways from this time last year. Ideas that were brand new then have been tested a half dozen campaigns– campaigns which would all coalesce in the big #BrOSR BROvenloft event in October, 2022. The next big thing, the unexpected turn that Real D&D took in this wild environment of “always on” play and dozens of #EliteLevel gamers? It turned out to be a player-driven “land grab” followed by a month-long Diplomacy phase combined with a celestial-scale mega-wargame set in the heavens and culminating into a titanic conflict incorporating tanks, angels, demons, massive armies, more tanks, nuclear explosions, World War Wish, countless surprise twists, no small number of hurt feelings, and then aftershocks that spilled over into a dozen campaigns where the sea turned to blood and lobster men caused great harm across countless planes of existence.

As I type this, the sun has gone out in Trollopulous and a sprawling horde of orcs lead by the inimicable drow of the Underlit are set to descend upon Machador. How did I find myself in the most important thing to happen in gming since the publication of the original D&D booklets?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I just explained all this in an interview yesterday THAT YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!!!

It’s a great show, really. Check it out!

And big thanks to William for having me on his show, “Applied Virtue”. Very nice to have a chance to get in front of a very different group of people compared to the usual suspects!!

2 responses to “New Interview on Appendix N and Real D&D!

  1. Nagora January 10, 2023 at 9:56 am

    You’re not dead!

    But you probably knew that.

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