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BattleTech’s Blaine Pardoe on Geek Gab!

Okay, you probably caught wind of the kerfuffle in BattleTech several months back over mildly conservative author Blaine Pardoe. You might have assumed that this dude was going to be yet another creator with no clue how the world works that was just going to quietly allow himself to be sunsetted due to his views being a mere two months past their sell-by date.

And you would have been wrong!

You know, honestly, this guy sounds like he was too danged good to be spending 36 years of his life propping up the BattleTech line. In any case, he is making the most of his chance at a new life: new mecha series, new rpg, new wargame, new miniatures figures. This guy really is firing on all cylinders with this and it is pretty danged impressive.

Catch the full details on the show– and remember, Jeffro recommends that you work up a 1/72 scale historical kit while you listen.

Also, very big thanks to the show hosts for their very kind shoutout to our session report from last week’s Trollopulous game here. That sort of thing never gets old to me!

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