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300 Romans!

The total number of figures worked up in January comes to 18, nearly doubling the forces I can muster. Very satisfying! I get so much enjoyment out of these things, really.

It’s utterly futile, of course. A set of painted and based figures probably has less value than the original package. And of course, a counter would work just as well. People don’t care, either. They don’t see the effort that went into them. Only the mistakes! It’s bad enough you might as well just glue some pebbles to a penny and tell them they’re 2mm Spanish Civil War era tanks. The reaction would be about the same.

Still. There’s just something about them! When they’re on the table, I don’t see figures at all. I see a throng of frenzied fighting men charging into battle.

I want more!

3 responses to “300 Romans!

  1. Rob Eaglestone February 2, 2023 at 11:01 am

    That’s Peter Jackson talking. Remember, these are Romans. They’re not a throng, they’re not frenzied, and they don’t charge except as a unit. They would have soundly trounced Peter Jackson’s frenzied and unorganized throngs of Minas Tirith, Rohan, and Mordor with easy dispatch.

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