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Snake’s Report on Steadington’s Defenses

When Mr. T finally got enough gold and XP to level down in Urgrecht, he came in on the next session with an alternate character. Just because his “main” is out of play temporarily, it doesn’t mean he’s going to stop playing. But what do you do when you have an alt? Do you try something different? What if you don’t expect to be playing this alt that much when you get your main back? What to do!

Well, Mr. T’s player is one of the best across the entire #BrOSR. (He routinely wins the month-long Braunstein events the guys put on.) What he decided to do was set up his alt as being a fighter/assassin. The latter class allows him to function independently in downtime performing services of vital interest to the party: in this case, conduct a “simple” spy mission to determine the state of Steadington’s defenses and a rough estimate of it’s number of troops. (Note: finding this stuff out during session play has proven to be somewhat expensive.) Well, Snake made a successful round trip and reports that its defenses are mostly human-scale and in poor repair. There is a force of 20 hill giants, 20 trolls, 40 ogres, and 60 warg-riding goblin archers defending the place. Probably nothing to be concerned about!

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