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The Hit Piece Machine Goes Into High Gear

They really do give Wormtongue a run for his money.

Consider this bit from Vox: “The empathy that he displays for men and boys in his BBC interview and 12 Rules for Life is touching. The problem is that he can’t seem to extend it to anyone else.”

In Bizarro World, having any sympathy at all for fatherless boys is proof positive that  you ipso facto must somehow hate women. But given that Star Wars and comic books both being destroyed by far left losers, I have to say… it would take a seriously sorry individual to want to come in and take away bible commentaries filtered through a lens of Jungian psychology from little boys.

If you ever wondered why it is that we can’t have nice things… this is it!

Meanwhile, a writer at Mic has helpfully compiled a list of the dankest stuff they could get on the new Emmanuel Goldstein:

Since a notorious January interview with British broadcaster Cathy Newman, where he went toe-to-toe on the pay gap between men and women, there seems to be a new Peterson YouTube video or lecture every week putting him back in the public eye, and eliciting both mockery or increased devotion. There was the February interview with Vice where he said that women who wear makeup in the workplace are hypocrites for complaining about sexual harassment. And there was Monday’s Twitter meltdown, where he threatened to slap a writer who accused him of being a fascist. Then there’s his complaints that he can’t physically attack women in conversations the way he’s (apparently) socially permitted to with men. And let’s not forget his older videos where he discusses that certain Disney movies are neo-Marxist propaganda.

I guess it doesn’t matter that people can go see for themselves precisely what the Awful No Good Scary Man actually said in that Vice interview. And I guess it doesn’t matter that anyone that reads Pankaj Mishra’s piece on Jordan Peterson will come away wanting to slap that sanctimonious prick silly. What really does matter…? Oh yeah… this mindbendingly nice Canadian professor is supposed to be gnashing his teeth over the fact that he couldn’t ask Cathy Newmann to step outside… in an interview where she embarrassed herself so badly, she is now an internet meme synonymous with the vacuousness of the Left’s tedious rhetoric.

But let’s not forget… all of this is nothing compared to the man’s hate-filed comparison of Sleeping Beauty to Frozen. (I mean how dare he. HOW DARE HE!!!!)

Never mind the pay gap and the pronoun police. If you really want to rile these people up, just go leave a negative review up on Rotten Tomatoes. They can’t handle people criticizing their favorite films!


Internet Gold: Extreme Bro Feelz, Muppets’ Danny Boy, and Wonderbread He-Man

Time Asks Jordan Peterson: Can Men and Women be Friends?

Time magazine’s sexless/sackless/neutered automaton correspondent is completely baffled by anything that even remotely touches on the human experience:

Why do you say in the book that “most men do not meet female human standards”? The evidence for that is pretty clear. Women have every reason to be as picky as they possibly can be, because they bear the brunt of the catastrophe of childrearing.

Do you worry that to phrase it as you do, and also to say that “women will not date guys who are their friends,” seems to promote an antipathy between the genders? There is an antipathy between the genders. Their interests are not identical. Look what’s happening in our culture. The whole last three months have been consumed by the #MeToo scandal. Our interests aren’t identical at the biological level. Or even at the practical level.

Never mind the classics. A romantic comedy film from 1989 is now too edgy and sophisticated for our mass media narrative police to be able to grapple with.

Don’t watch anything from before 1990!

The Expansion of Intellectual Dark Web

It’s accelerating:

Some random blue check lighting up Twitter with some positively lit wrongthink?

That’s what I thought. I didn’t even know the guy was a pianist and a comedian. Heck, I didn’t even realize someone in my network had previously turned me on to one of the guy’s vlogs!

What really strikes me though is that the guy turns out to be very much up to speed on both Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux. It’s as if I take for granted that these guys are some kind of big secret or something. But that’s not the case at all.

The informal network of people driving the shadow commentariat is expanding concurrently with a noticeable drop in the mass media’s ability to contain it. Something extremely disruptive is going on.

Real Life Travellers

I flew across the country today and experienced three random encounters:

  • Saw an older lady on the bus with this almost zen-like look of beaming contentment. I broke in remarking on how beautiful a day it was. (It was dark and rainy, natch.) This developed into a wide-ranging conversation covering what we especially liked about each of the Northwest, Alaska, and the South. We consoled each over on having to do without coleslaw and butterbeans. When she mentioned she was from Texas, I remarked that only people from the South really grasp how to have a talk. When we changed buses, I went out of my way to mention to her how much I’d enjoyed meeting her. (To not do so would have been tacky, of course.)
  • Guy next to me on the plane turns out to be a Microsoft developer. He tried to feel me out on how much I might despise the company when I said positive things about particular open source tools. I misread this, thinking he wouldn’t care for any flak on this point. But when I later mentioned which Microsoft products I currently get paid to use… he went cold on me. It’s like I suddenly became persona non grata to him. Later I noticed he was a musician and we had a fair discussion about jazz and so forth, but he never made eye contact or even any sort of facial expression. There is evidently a fair scene for that sort of thing in Seattle, but I could never get the emotional energy up to go check it out. The preponderance of people of his sort in the area would defeat the purpose of going out in the first place.
  • Getting closer to my old stomping grounds, I expected my luck to change. It didn’t. A thirty-something woman sits next to me and I give out the minimal amount of pleasantries, but she turns out to be a scientist. A physicist delving into materials science. She really wants to talk about that, so I ask her a few questions. At some point I remark that it really is unfortunate how physics turned out during the twentieth century. “The more strange and counter-intuitive results would seem to undercut the very philosophy and mindset that gave rise to science in the first place,” I said. “Honestly, the entire enterprise has been all downhill ever since Newton.” She looks back at me and says, “you mean you prefer science when it was white and male.” Needless to say, this was the worst repartee I’ve ever witnessed in my life. All you can really say in response to something like that is, “well I nevah!”

One thing I will say about such pronounced regional and cultural differences is that we really have not been well served by filtering the bulk of our culture through two or three urban centers. American science fiction and fantasy from before 1940 has a much greater range of tone, style, accent, and feel because of its greater amount of regional diversity. And the people that created it had much more in common with the sort of people I enjoy spending time with.