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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers (Interview Roundup)

I actually missed a couple of these when they came out. If you want to understand what is going on in science fiction and fantasy RIGHT NOW, this is the guy to talk to.


If you’ve just found out about Cirsova from our Hugo Nomination, hi! If you’d like to know more about us, who we are, and what we do, a great place to start would be these interviews we’ve done over the last few months.

Red Sun Magazine – Interview with Cirsova Magazine


Castalia House (Scott Cole) – A Conversation With P. Alexander: Cirsova Magazine

Chris Lansdown – Cirsova Magazine

Jon Del Arroz – Interview with Cirsova Magazine Editor P. Alexander


Sexy Space Princesses and Super Starship Battles! (Geek Gab, Episode 66!) (Audio)

Or, you can always ask questions here! We’re always happy to field questions!

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Cirsova Receives Hugo Nomination for Best Semi-Pro Zine!

Congrats to Alex for this milestone. Cirsova is a huge deal!


It is incredibly difficult to convey just how hard it’s been to keep this under my hat for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been so excited that I just wanted to scream.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this possible! If I name names, I know I’ll forget folks, so I’ll try to cover everyone as best I can. Thank you to my fellow bloggers at Castalia House, thank you to the Alt-Furry crew for putting us on Sad Pookas, thank you to the folks on Pulp Twitter, thanks to everyone who follows and reads the blog, thanks to the friends and family who’ve supported us, and especially thanks to all of our readers and contributors – without you, we’d be just another WordPress site!

I probably won’t be able to make it up to Finland this year, but if any local Helsinki black metal…

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Heroism! Romance! Wonder!

The Pulp Revolution scene is flat out on fire right now…!

First up… those Sad Pooka guys have gone and memed the thing:

And if you happened to miss it, my Geek Gab appearance is the talk of the town:

Finally, JimFear138 is off the chaintop book blogger Rwale Nyanzi has released his take on the pulp ethos with Sword & Flower.

And I really should add… one of the more striking things about the old pulp stories is the prominent role that grappling plays in them. Tarzan, for instance, re-discovers the Full Nelson in one of his more exciting scenes of his debut novel. As awesome as that is, somehow it never quite made the transition into the tabletop games that were inspired by this stuff….

UNTIL NOW! Douglas Cole has finally pushed the state of the art forward on this longstanding problem in tabletop gaming. Check out his designer’s notes over at Castalia House for the full story!

Appendix N is Doing Surprisingly Well

The book is selling.

Better than anyone expected, really.

And the five star reviews from people outside of the gaming and book blogging scenes…? They are really, really positive.

This is one of those books that expands your reading list considerably. I am still in the stage of dipping my toe into the SF/F genres and Jeffro’s list, taken from Gary Gygax’s D&D inspirations, is a great starting point. I used to just assume the old SF/F would be outdated and boring, books written for a tiny subculture of rejects and nerds, but I am very wrong. Almost all of the books mentioned in the appendix not only sound interesting, but well written and articulated stories. It’s also just neat to have a little more depth of understanding about the heritage of SF/F, D&D, and other elements that permeate our culture today. I’d say more, but I have to start reading these books now, and I don’t feel like I’m going to be disappointed.

(This sort of thing has happened so often and so consistently now that people on Twitter have coined a term for it…!)

I own many of these books, and I wish there was a way to get them back into publication in Kindle form so they could once again be read and appreciated. I want to thank Mr. Johnson for this fine retrospective on much of the fantasy genre. A fine job and I unreservedly recommend this book. Do not plan on reading it in a couple of days, it deserves for you to take your time, reflect on what is being said, and then take it up again. You will be richer for the experience.

You know… the whole time I was working on this thing, I thought of myself as being sort of three star writer that could occasionally dip up into into four star territory. And I knew there was an audience for what I was doing– even if I had to go out and build that audience while I wrote the book.

Still… the amount of excitement this book is generating is astonishing to me.

Cirsova is Looking for SFF Writers!

If you’re into planetary romance and heroic fantasy… then you may want to consider getting in on this!


Are you a Sci-fi/Fantasy writer?  Then I may be looking for you!  Cirsova is launching a semi-pro zine focusing on Sword & Planet and Heroic Fantasy fiction.  Please share, reblog, retweet, whatever!  Get the word out!

What are you looking for?

4-6 Original short stories between 2000-7500 words.

1 or 2 short essays on the subjects of S&P, Heroic Fantasy, Pulps, Pulp Art, or any of those subjects’ effect on tabletop gaming.

Submissions should be in finished, final draft form.  Please do not send unedited works, excerpts or pitches.  Well, you can send me a pitch, and if it sounds awesome, I will tell you “That sounds awesome, now write that story, make sure it’s edited, and submit that to me”, but that’s it.

What do you mean by “Sword & Planet” and “Heroic Fantasy”?

“Sword & Planet” typically refers to a style of romantic swashbuckling fiction that takes place on Earth-like non-Earth…

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