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Pulp Revolution Spinner Rack IV

If you walk out of your local big box book store thinking that they’re just ain’t much to read these days… think again.

Times are changing… and big publishing is out of step with readers. Check out what science fiction, fantasy, weird, and western style fiction can be like when it’s written and published by people that actually like the stuff and see the difference for yourself!

Okay, Now That’s Something

Most days I’m too busy doing whatever it is I do at Castalia House blog and on the Castalia House Twitter feed to really think what all is really going on.

But this…?

Man, I tell you. Sometimes I’m just glad to be alive and surrounded by so many awesome people.

This is one of those times.

Why Pulp Revolution Needs a George Will

I got some advice from a (former) fan today. Or maybe it’s someone that was almost but not quite a fan.

Anyway, these are some deep, deep thoughts here and you will want to pay attention to this:

Hey Jeffro, I enjoy your thoughts on gaming occasionally and (marginally) your advocacy for Pulp with all of its old-timey sexy T’n’A babes and even its presentation of ‘old fashioned values.’

I even agree that SJWs are noxious to free speech and to academic discourse, and I warn them of that. I do so by being involved in the continuum of ‘normal culture,’ and I’m I’m not particularly keen on being tuned in to your alt-right cirlcle jerk.

The Alt-Right is ‘weird’ because y’all embraced Milo the Pedo, you even MISSED for a whole year his ‘pedos are all right by me’ comments (which, unlike much of his ‘performance art’ did not seem to be in jest), all the while holding him up as a mascot for everything (whatever that is?) that you stand for.

you’re at once libertarian and NationalSocialist…you are multifarious and unfocused in any way besides your rage, which offers few perscriptions and even fewer attempts to reach out and grow your ideology or base. The antifeminism lacks focus, if you stayed close to Camille Paglia’s crtitique of modern feminism then you might be on to something, but you’re all over the place including into red (or is it blue?) pill nonsense. My grandmother and her neice are veterans of Korea; she worked her way into management at the phone company, and the whole ‘women are parasites’ narrative of the MRM movement is noxious to the truth that men’s reproductive rights could be far, far better protected and grown with outreach and awareness than they would through unfocused ‘male nationalism.’

I don’t want to paint the Alt-Right as monolithic, and I’m sure that there are some parts of its platform that you don’t support, but it sure seems like you are all-on for woman-hating/’cultural downfall’ as the basis for your men’s rights polemic; it seems that you are full-on for advocating for free speech by using an ‘eye for an eye’ strategy of doxxing and shaming…your ‘light’ will never go out using these ideas as rallying cries, but it also surely won’t grow beyond the conspiracy board in OP.

In other words, you are every bit as much of a mess as the regressive left. I like your gaming stuff, I like your dilligence in looking at Appendix N, I like that you stick up for big damn games like Harnmaster. I can’t really stand these posts where you circle jerk with your buddies about the fall of western civilization and if you’d like to sell more copies of your book (you won’t being on your hatemongering Castalia imprint), you might want to tune up your social media image or create a separate G+ for ‘author Jeffro’

I tried putting you on my feed for a month, I like hearing alternate perspectives, but I don’t have the energy in life to tune into an echo chamber like this. Not all your ideas are bad (even your political ones), but they are made better ideas when you come up with a plan for how anyone beyond your very limited circle could adopt them. In other words, The Alt-Right is ‘Weird:’ it has no plan to –and doesn’t care to–make any friends or allies.

As a kid, there was a soft-spoken man in a bowtie named George Will on the Sunday morning politics shows. And he opened my mind to how goverment and regulation can be stifling, and how liberty is an essential partner with rights and freedoms. He did so as I sat there among my very liberal household, my feminist mom and my military-skeptical father. Some people do care enough for their ideas to present them in a way that can help them grow; while I am not sure there is much that you hold in common with George Will you might take a page from his book when it comes to tactics as a public figure.


Okay, let me get this straight. I would be more popular if I disavowed somebody that the narrative machine would like to destroy. I would be even more popular if I distanced myself from my own publisher. My ideas would be better received if I offered up a critique of third wave feminism from something closer to what, a second wave sex positive feminist perspective…? And a person that is unfriending someone for having outré opinions is accusing me of creating an echo chamber.

Did I miss anything? Oh yeah. Bow ties are cool.

I really am tore up about this. My reputation! It’s in tatters….

What to do?!

Update: this gif just came in from Sky Hernstrom.


That Time I Did ALL the Podcasts

Okay, this week was crazy. I put in three podcast appearances. Whew! I’m exhausted.

Here they are!

Geek Gab’s All-Pulp Episode:

Geek Gab’s All-RPGs Episode:

SuperversiveSF’s All-RPGs episode:

Ten Short Reviews of Contemporary Short SFF

Okay, the Thorne story is from 2013. I slipped up there! But I’m trying to focus on new stuff here even when I know there is some really good stuff from last year that I ought to have gotten around to. (If a story comes in my email from Lyonesse or Sci Phi Journal that has a copyright date of 2016, though, I don’t even look at it!)

Anyway, I’ve done another five (count ’em, five) short reviews of short sff stories and folded them in to my ongoing rankings. Brian K. Lowe held on to his top spot this time, but I had some pulp revolutionary type come in and say that they liked Louise Sorensen’s better. Just before someone else butted in to say her story was the worst evah!

So yeah… the rankings are subjective. I like a combination of cogency and punch in short fiction. As to what I don’t like… well, check out the reviews for more on that!

  1. War of the Ruby by Brian K. Lowe (review here)
  2. The Thorne Legacy by J. D. Brink (review here)
  3. The Dragon’s Teeth by David Hallquist (review here)
  4. Darla of Deodanth by Louise Sorensen (review here)
  5. Samaritan by Karl K. Gallagher (review here)
  6. The Prolapsing Empire by E. Reagan Wright (review here)
  7. A Kiss for the Mirrorman by Adrian Cole (review here)
  8. The Dreaming Wounds by Anya Ow (review here)
  9. Empty Vessels by David O’Donoghue (review here)
  10. Cottage in the Woods by Gisele Peterson (review here)

If you have any suggestions for more stories I should take a look at, please let me know.