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Odds & Ends: Karl Gallagher’s New Book and Epic Linkage

Karl K. Gallagher has been reading my blog almost as long as I’ve been writing it, so I’m especially pleased to announce that he has published his first novel: Torchship. Winchell Chung (creator of the iconic look of Steve Jackson’s Ogre Mark V, Traveller’s ANNIC NOVA, and more) says “the story is engrossing, the writing is smooth, the futuristic background is innovative, the scientific accuracy is impeccable.” Check it out!

Meanwhile, novelist and Robert E. Howard fan Howard Andrew Jones has given a nod to my recent Leigh Brackett coverage.

The award winning site SF Signal referenced that same series of posts in a headline thanks to a plug from writer Paul Di Filippo.

Finally, John C. Wright has provided me with perhaps the ultimate book blurb for my Appendix N project:

“A herculean series… [a] cylopean monument to retrofiction.”

This past week has been absolutely insane!!


One response to “Odds & Ends: Karl Gallagher’s New Book and Epic Linkage

  1. Beyond Anon January 1, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    When I saw in one of the reviews that it was about “A down on her luck pilot …” I knew that Torchship was not for me.

    Women have more options than men and unless they are prostitutes it is hard for them to be down on their luck. Also, there are so few women who are competent in that area that they would be snapped up in a modern Affirmative Action world.

    I am so sick of Girrrrl Power crap.

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