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The Very First Review of “How to Win”!

Obviously, I am very excited to see the reactions to my latest piece start to trickle in.

You blog-reading people tend not to venture onto Twitter, so here is probably the first review to pop up over there:

The preview excerpt of Jeffro Johnson’s forthcoming book is intriguing and suggests the full volume will spur plenty of discussion. Those looking for Internet Heel Jeffro in these pages will be grossly disappointed by the reasoned presentation and calm authorial voice. Within this short, almost zine-like excerpt (with art by Sky Hernstrom), Jeffro touches on three central assumptions of Gygax’s AD&D which have since been de-emphasized: the Braunstein, time tracking across myriad playgroups, and the wargame framework. The full volume, ‘Winning Secrets’, is teased for later in 2023. In the meantime, follow Pilum Press for updates, or spring for the excerpt yourself.

Erik Jensen

That is a pitch perfect Space Gamer style capsule review, there. Very nice!


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