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Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted #1

So my publisher is breaking into comics and their first effort has just hit Amazon. Needless to say, comics pros have not exactly sent out a welcoming committee in response.

Most of the backlash has been over the artwork, which frankly doesn’t interest me all that much. Judging by how far and how fast Castalia House developed up until they put together the cover of my book, I think it’s safe to say… regardless of what you think, they will learn and they will get better.

My interest in the matter is the content of the stories, and I think judging from Vox Day’s and Steve Rzasa’s other efforts it’s clear that they bring something to the table that comics today doesn’t have.

Does that matter…? Well it depends on whether you walked away and what it was that caused you to do so when you did. My addiction to science fiction stalled when I realized that dry tales of engineering fantasy were not my cup of tea. Reading through the magazines of the nineties, I opted to leave it altogether because hipster English majors writing about gay alien sex was not what I was there for.

But hey, there was still comics, right? I couldn’t stand what had happened to the X-Men and their spinoffs not long after The Fall of the Mutants. John Byrne’s Next Men kept me coming back to the comic shop, though. I found the whole Image Comics thing to be absolutely demented. Infinite Crisis was the last time I really remember paying attention to anything in comics. The various reboots of Blue Beetle and The Spectre left me more more than a little cold. But Bat Woman’s introduction was flat out absurd. I was done.

So yeah, as someone now mostly outside of the comics scene, I’m glad someone’s making an effort to shake things up. Speaking as a gamer, though… it especially warms my heart that it ended up being a Traveller fan that headed the charge.


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